Location / Parking / Times

Location | 205 Thunderbird Road. Directly west of Venture Foods. 

Parking |  There are 6 handicapped spots. 3 on the east side and 3 on the west side of the building. 

Times | Nursery & Classes | 9:00-9:45am | Nursery & Worship | 10:00-11:30ish

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Nursery & Kids
Where Do My Kids Go?

The nursery runs continuously from 9:00-11:30am.

PreK-5th Graders participate in their classes from 9:00-9:45am and are then dismissed to worship. They participate in worship up until the sermon, at which point they are invited to the front for prayer, and then dismissed to CLC Kids.

At the close of the sermon they are led back into the worship service. 

CLC Kids (PreK-5th) CLC Youth (6-12th)
Y'all Have Sunday School?

Adult classes meet in the East Wing from 9:00-9:45am. 

CLC Classes
Gathering to Encourage in Worship, Discipleship, & Evangelism

People | A normal Sunday in 2023 had 100ish adults. 

Announcements | 'Cause people don't read the email. 

Giving | We use our resources to fuel the mission. 

The Psalms | We stand to hear Psalms read. 

Song | A full band leads us in songs of worship & prayer. Most of our songs are on this side of 1980. 

Intercession | We pray the scriptures together for local churches in Tonkawa, our missionary partners, or current events. 

Kids Prayer/Dismissal | PreK-5th Graders are invited to the front to be prayed over before being dismall to CLC Kids. At the close of the sermon they are led back into the worship service. 

The Word | We preach the gospel from the scriptures. 

Ministry Time | In response to the Word, or for any other matter, all are invited to pray with the elders, by themselves, or in smaller groups. 

The Lord's Table | By taking the bread and a cup, we proclaim Jesus' death until He returns. Unbelievers are welcome to participate in every portion of our worship service, but this portion is reserved for those repenting, trusting, & baptized who are in good standing with a gospel church, whether CLC or elsewhere.

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