Membership Class
We aim to practice church membership biblically and joyfully.

Because of this, all those interested in joining CLC's family are invited to attend the Membership Class on 3 consecutive Sunday mornings.

The class will cover:

1) Believing the Gospel

2) Following Jesus

3)Committing to the Church

After completing the class, you'll be invited to sit down with our elders to share some biographical details, your testimony, and ask any questions you might have.

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Session 1
Believing the Gospel

Now is not always, because Jesus died for our sins.

There's a glorious coming age without sin and death, and the repentant can inherit it through the cross. 

Session 1 Handout
Session 2
Following Jesus

Jesus' call to discipleship includes: repentance, obedience, self-denial, cross-bearing (martyrdom), counting the cost,  baptism, & perseverance. 

Session 2 Handout
Session 3
Committing to CLC

Members of CLC commit to the church's unity,  mission, & testimony. 

Session 3 Handout